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The Beginning
For almost 20 years, we have been happily servicing all of Southern Illinois!
Endrizzi Contracting Inc. is owned by Amanda Endrizzi and helped in the field by her husband Matthew Endrizzi. We have been offering landscaping and hardscaping to Southern Illinois since 1998. Based in Vienna, IL, we specialize in residential and commercial outdoor stone design.

We at Endrizzi Landscape go to great lengths to ensure every detail of your customized design meets and exceeds your project goals and ambitions. By combining your ideas and ours we can complete a design that you feel good about with the satisfaction of knowing it will last. We are a family-owned company, always keeping the customer's satisfaction in mind. We take pride in developing on-going relationships with existing customers and appreciate them continually coming to us for additional property enhancement needs. We personally put together all estimates for your review.
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