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SOD – While sod is not directly available in Southern Illinois, that doesn’t mean you cant have it in your front yard. We offer two types of sod: Turf-type Fescue and Zoysia. Turf-type Fescue is conventional Rhizome-growing fescue, non-clump forming, cool season grass. It has a moderate drought and heat resistance but will go dormant during hot periods. It also transitions well with existing grass if you choose to have an over seeding done instead of sod. It does require some annual maintenance but with minimal effort your lawn can be the envy of town. The other option is Zoysia, which has an excellent adaptability for heat, clay, high acidic soil, drought, and sandy soils. It also tends to require a little less maintenance. It has a away of choking out most of the typical weeds you’ll find in your yard and virtually eliminating them without any extra effort on your part. It happens to be a favorite with all of us here at Endrizzi Contracting. We will lay sod in all of Southern Illinois including Lake of Egypt, Marion, Goreville, Creal springs, Carbondale, Herrin, and everything in between!

New Seeding / Over seeding – If sodding is not an option or you have just too much area we can over seed your property with turf-type fescue and perennial rye. This custom proprietary blend that we engineered yields 90% coverage for most of our installations the first time. We use a landscape drill to mechanically insert the seed into the ground instead of broadcasting to feed the birds. We fertilize with the proper startup fertilizer and lime, then apply a straw layer over the entire lawn with our Finn straw blower. Most see grass emerge with 7-10 days after we leave. We install lawns in all of southern Illinois including Lake of Egypt, Marion, Goreville, Creal springs, Carbondale, Herrin and everything in between.

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