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A division of our company maintains the right of ways (ROWs) for various utilities and private companies. We work closely with these agencies to develop an Integrated Pest Management Program (or IPM) that best suits their needs. This may include the application of pre- and/or post-emergent herbicides, as well as forestry clearing & mowing. Our team consists of over two dozen licensed professional applicators. Services include cell phone towers, utility lines, and interstates. Our equipment is up to date and late model. We work closely with the largest herbicide supplier in the states to provide our client with the most beneficial herbicide plan.

Our right of way mowing operation consists of five Bobcat high flow T770’s with forestry mulching attachments. We also have large excavator’s equipped with a Brontosaurus forestry mulching head. We also have two John Deere 5100E’s equipped with a 7 ft. Brown’s Cutter.  Also included with our mowing equipment is several Boom Buster herbicide application sprayers with high flotation tires. Our staff consists of over 25 licensed herbicide applicators in multiple states. We service all of Illinois, as well as surrounding states such as Missouri, Indiana, and Kentucky.

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